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Project Description

Web Design Background

Neil and Paul are specialist mechanics in VW’s. They own their own garage in Norfolk and came up with the idea of hiring out VW Campervans. They knew nothing about how to create a website, but they knew what the site needed to offer their clients. The primary focus was to have a booking system that would be easy to use, and easy to manage from an administrative point of view.

Web Design Result

We researched suitable WordPress themes and came up with a couple of options. As they had two vehicles to hire and were looking to have more going forward, the right Theme became apparent very quickly. After working with some images and text that was supplied by Neil, we came up with the structure of the site but we felt their was something missing. We agreed that the site needed more visual aids to in-force the idea about people exploring the beautiful sites of Norfolk. We found a number of images that enhanced that message and linked the strap line across the site.

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