DIY websitesI don’t know about you but I hate DIY! Being knee high in paint and wall paper is not my idea of fun but hey, who am I to judge? The same I believe goes for website design… Why do it yourself if there is someone out there who can do it for you and do it better and more cost effectively than you can!

When it comes to website design there is a plethora of choice, which can be a daunting prospect – not only in research time but also the huge amount of time required to actually create and format the site with the right content and images.

The three obvious choices of website design are either…

Template website design

You choose the style based on your business, the background colour and change the font if you are lucky

Theme based website design

Like WordPress (where you can chose a base Theme then add and adjust the format and even add functionality)

Bespoke website design

Built from scratch (website designer takes your plan and builds slick functionality and kick ass designed background)

Website choicesThe choice can be a real dilemma – The big worry is the balance between time and money. Have you got a budget? This has got to be your starting point – especially if you are thinking of having the site built from scratch. A basic website design might cost you between £1500 to £2000, then to get the site to do what you want, you might need to find up to £3000+. Or the other end of the scale could be that you pay someone and (sorry couldn’t resist) to use their template system, which looks easy enough to load up and choose the basic structure but then you realise that you want to add a private login page as well as an e-commerce platform or an e-learning platform, so things come to a grinding stand still (both in your knowledge and the capability of the website template site). Then lastly, you could buy a website Theme yourself but then spend ages not really knowing how to get the website Theme to look how you want it to (if you go for the website Theme choice then you may well spend at least 20 to 30 working hours to finally understand what all the administration areas are but never actually get that image slider to work properly).

Getting the decision wrong can be costly experience, not only in time but also losing out on potential business and even worse damaging your brand.

The TV ads make the template website design look easy and smart but if everyone has a template website design does it really sell your business in the way you want it to?… If that’s the case then isn’t that just a waste of money?

We offer a simple choice which is based on the Theme option – you relax and we do it all for you! This works well because we are very familiar with the fundamental platform any Theme is built from, meaning we can do it quicker and with a better end result.

If you decide to go it alone (paint brush in hand) then good luck! If you decide your time is better spent developing your business than your website design then give us a call on 01992 666 910 or email