how to remove bad website linksA guide on how to remove outdated links on your website

There is nothing more frustrating for a website user than to click on a website link only to get a “404 page not found” message.

Things change, so should your website

Because your website is a constantly updated platform, things change. So information you previously might have linked to, like; good supporting websites to help your clients or website browsers or images that enhance your website could have been taken down or removed from the site your linked to.

What can you do?

Well you could go through each page of your website to physically check each element; images, text and references but that would be very time consuming. There is a better, quicker and smarter way. There are free link checkers that not only list all the bad links but also link back to them so addressing the problem becomes much easier to resolve.

There are many to choose from but I tend to use

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