Project Description

Web Design Background

After listening to the team at Clarion about how they redesigned their website only 18 months previous I was surprised that they wanted to change so soon after. It became clear that they were not happy with the website redesign on a number of levels. Firstly, it was built on a platform that was not easy to use and update so most of even small updates needed to be done by a developer which cost them a lot of money (£500 for a few changes to employees details). They also had difficulty creating a marketing strategy using the website as a pull to capture email addresses.

Web Design Result

We have built a very user friendly clean looking website, that has all the key information above the fold (at the top of the website). We have incorporated a PDF download feature in exchange for emails. We did an SEO analysis of key words and phrases versus their competition, then built the pages in line with their target audience. After a few hours training, a number of key personal can now manage the website fully themselves. The client is very happy.

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