We love the fact that we provide our clients with more than just low-cost, high impact websites

In its simplest form we provide a number of creative solutions to help clients get what they want from the web.

Our low cost, high impact websites can be delivered quickly, ensuring you are ready to communicate effectively with your audience when you need to.

All websites have easy to use content managed administration areas plus social media links, meaning you are in control of how your business communicates with your clients at all times.

We use the leading WordPress CMS platforms, which are very attractive to Google with the right content, links and website structure.

Why do people choose to work with us? Why not just do it yourself?…

Of course you could go online and use any number of template based website providers but we think its fair to say that you are then restricted to the boundaries of their template. You also need to factor in the time you are spending formatting the website template yourself (What value do you put on your time?).

The way we work…

We would firstly ask you about your business – not only the current situation but also what are your future plans. This approach looks to future proof your businesses website needs. We then ask you to choose a WordPress Theme from several we would recommend (there are hundreds of Themes available with new ones being created every day). Choosing a website theme is very different from choosing a website template because unlike a template, we can adapt a theme and add functionality (like e-learning & e-commerce platforms as well as many other functions), to suit your business needs. Lastly, we include an hour of administration training with all our website development packages so you can edit web pages, add text, photos and even add more pages and categories yourself so you are in control at all times.

Customer Focused 100%
Business Minded 100%
Website Strategy 100%
Wordpress Knowledge 100%

The Perfect Website Mix