Website monsterAre you worried that your website has become a bit of a monster?

If you have had your website for quite a while, you might have tweaked it from the original design by adding various elements, only to find that they don’t quite fit properly with your brand, message or business style anymore.

Changing a complete website used to be a very difficult process…

  • Firstly you have to find a suitable website designer / developer you can trust not to stitch you up
  • Then you have to get across what you want / need both from a styling point of view as well as website functionality
  • Have the website built-in the timescale you want (or often enough the timescale you are given)
  • Lastly you need to pay the bill (which can be an eye watering experience)

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Your website footprintDoes your website have the right footprint?

Often people tell me they have a website but they don’t get anything from it. There are many reasons why businesses do not get work from their websites. Quite often it will be one of these reasons…

  • The website page structure is not search engine friendly
  • The website content is not structured in a search engine friendly way
  • There is not the right content
  • There is not enough of the right content
  • The website content is boring
  • There is no hook
  • The call to action is not clear

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